Last week, we had the opportunity to fuel The One Project’s latest #TheOneProjectHootup at the Hootsuite HQ to support Mental Illness Awareness Week… And we we were honoured to be a part of it! We hope everyone enjoyed their #RandomActsOfPizza while learning, networking and discussing a very important cause!

The One Project, founded by Bryce Evans, combines social media and mental health in the first photography-based community for depression and anxiety. The project teaches and promotes therapeutic photography as a tool to learn, heal and grow towards becoming your most authentic self – very cool.


Through the One Project, they hold frequent #StoryMeets, hosted by the founder in various cities around the world, aiming to bring and bring communities together to explore, connect and actively use the techniques of The One Project.


To learn more about the organization or to find out more about their upcoming events, check out their website, instagram, blog, podcast and twitter, or show your support on their kickstarter!