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Everyone and everything is connected at Panago!

We’ve always known what goes around comes around. Panago makes deliciously fresh pizza, but we believe that isn’t enough. We feel it’s right to give back to our communities.
We direct our focus towards local involvement and long-term partnerships.
In fact, Panago supports four cornerstone programs, and we’re particularly passionate about these community values:

• Amateur youth team sports
• Children’s literacy
• Volunteerism
• Fundraising

We believe in rewarding good sportsmanship.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Panago Good Sport Award – an incentive program that rewards thousands of young Canadians each year. To us, participation in amateur team sports is essential to building character and values.

Find out how we can support your sports event or activity by dropping by your local Panago store, or by email.

Reading has its own rewards.

We support literacy programs in schools, libraries, and summer reading clubs. The Panago Reading Award Program has been rewarding young people with free pizza as an incentive to increase and improve their reading skills.

For more info, drop by your local Panago store or contact us by email.

Volunteers deserve to be well fed.

Volunteers play an integral role in the fabric of every community. We believe they deserve not only recognition, but all the support pizza can provide them. Panago prides itself on supporting teachers, assistants, coaches, officials, organizers, and soccer parents.

For more info, drop by your local Panago store or contact us by email.

School Lunch Program

There’s no better lunch day at school than pizza day. Our motto is to keep the quality high, the price affordable, and the pizza as nutritious as possible. That’s why you won’t find any fake colours, flavours, or added MSG in any of our products.

Yay! It’s pizza day!

We’re sensitive to health and vegan requirements, with a wide range of vegetarian options available – including a meat-free veggie pepperoni pizza + gluten-smart crusts.

We prepare our pizza fresh on the day of delivery and every pizza is topped with the finest ingredients available. We use leaner meats and our 2% partly skimmed cheese is lower fat and rennet-free.



Your choice of Original, Thin, Multigrain, Multigrain Thin and Organic Gluten-smart.

  • Pizzas are delivered hot, fresh and on time
  • Pizzas are packaged in our 14″ Large or 16″ Extra large pizza boxes and placed in insulated thermal bags for transportation, maintaining a delivered temperature above 140F/60C
  • Pizzas can be sliced into 6, 8, 10 or 12 equal-sized slices
  • Pizzas can be individually labelled for ease of distribution, indicating the type of pizza or classroom division

For more information email us or call 1-855-331-0001