Put simply, we believe in fresh

Since the beginning we’ve been creating fresh and nutritious food. We’re all about authentic, chef-inspired cuisine that goes back to the simple basics of what food was meant to be. We’ve set ourselves apart by creating the finest flavours and sourcing the highest-quality ingredients. Panago stands behind every one of our hand-crafted recipes. We have a strict policy – no added MSG, no artificial flavours, or nasty colours! It’s as simple as that.

Healthy never tasted so good!

We’ve crafted our menu around the concept of making everything as fresh and nutritious as possible. Panago is all about restaurant-quality delivery / takeout cuisine that lets you customize your meal, while also meeting your dietary needs.

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Our doughs are made daily. We don’t use additives and our doughs are never frozen. On the healthier side, we also offer Multigrain crusts: with whole grains making up 40% of the ingredients. Better yet, try our Thin Crust with 30% less carbs than our regular dough.


Five of our seven sauces contain little or no fat per serving. Organic Tomato, Sweet + Smoky Tropical and BBQ are all great choices if you’re watching your fat intake.


For healthier lifestyle options, there are tons of yummy veggie options. Mushrooms or caramelized onions, are delicious ways to enhance flavour with little or no added fat.


If you’re conscious of choices with lower calories or fat, you’ll find many of our meat toppings are extremely lean, including our grilled chicken, grilled steak, capicollo and Canadian ham.


Our delicious line of Dips was designed to be drizzled onto either a pizza or a salad. Italian Tomato, Cayenne Hot Sauce and BBQ dips are excellent lower-fat choices.


Our fresh cut salads are made to order with only the freshest ingredients – they’re a healthy alternative and a perfect complement to our pizzas. Our signature Garden, Caesar, Mediterranean and Tuscan salads are unforgettable on their own. Better yet, top them off with grilled chicken for a perfect and complete meal. Ordering Balsamic Vinaigrette instead of a cream-based dressing is a delicious way to reduce calories and fat.

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Vegan-Friendly Menu Options


Original Crust / Thin Crust / Multigrain Crust / Multigrain Thin Crust / Organic Gluten-smart Crust.


Sweet + Smoky Tropical / Organic Tomato / BBQ / Coconut Curry / Garlic Spread.


Pineapple / Green Peppers / Red Onions / Baby Spinach Leaves / Hot Banana Peppers / Red Peppers / Green Olives / Jalapeño Peppers / Tomatoes / Black Olives / Mushrooms / Kalamata Olives / Meat-free Pepperoni / Beyond Meat® Italian Sausage Crumble / Sun-dried Tomatoes / Fire-roasted Corn  / Caramelized Onions / Chili Flakes / Avocado Cilantro.


Red Peppers / Green Peppers / Hot Banana Peppers / Grape Tomatoes / Red Onions / Diced Tomatoes / Green Olives / Black Olives / Pineapple / Croutons / Jalapeño Peppers / Baby Spinach Leaves / Sun-dried Tomatoes / Kalamata Olives / Fire-roasted Corn.


Italian Tomato / Cayenne Hot Sauce / Sweet Mustard / BBQ / Sweet Frost / Avocado Cilantro / Sriracha Ranch.


Plant-based Cheeze.


Pop (all flavours) / Water / Bubly (Blackberry & Lime) / Organic Juice (Grapple, Lemonade & Orango).


Plant-based Deluxe Pepperoni / Plant-based Mediterranean / Plant-based Beyond Summer BBQ / Plant-based Spicy Calabrese.


Plant-based Cheezy Bread / Impossible Nuggets / BBQ Impossible Nuggets.


Apple Pie.

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Vegan-friendly Menu: FAQ

Q: Do any of your vegan items contain animal products?
A: We understand that vegans do not eat any animal products, and the items we recommend do not contain dairy, honey, eggs or any other animal products. All items, such as the mono and diglycerides have been confirmed to be vegetable sourced. All of our crusts do contain yeast. (Original, Thin Crust, Multigrain Crust, Multigrain Thin Crust + Organic Gluten-smart Crust.)

Q: What vegan pizzas do you have?
A: In addition to our selection of plant-based recipe pizzas, you can customize any recipe pizza on our menu to make it a vegan pizza too! Substitute plant-based cheeze for any other cheese. You can also unleash your own inner chef and create your own vegan pizza with choices from our abundant list of vegan toppings.

Q: Do you have dairy-free and vegan cheese options?
A: We offer plant-based cheeze, a certified vegan cheese alternative. Made from naturally occuring, non-GMO ingredients with no artificial colouring or flavours, plant-based cheeze is a creamy and great tasting choice.

Q: I have heard that only your Organic Gluten-smart Crust is vegan. Is this true?
A: In addition to our Organic Gluten-smart Crust, all of our other crust options are now 100% vegan-friendly. (Original, Thin Crust, Multigrain Crust, Multigrain Thin Crust.)

Q: I want more than just veggies on my pizza, do you have any vegan meat alternatives?
A: Yes! We have a meat-free pepperoni topping and a Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Crumble that are soy based. (Please note that the recipe for this product does contain gluten.)

Q: I feel like a salad too. Do you have a vegan salad dressing?
A: We sure do! Our Sriracha Ranch and Avocado Cilantro dressings are vegan and taste great with any of the vegan topping combinations.

Q: Do you use any artificial flavours or colours?
A: Absolutely not. None of our ingredients or products have any artificial colours, flavours or added MSG. We know that people care about what’s in their food and so do we.

Q: Do you have gluten-free options?
A: We do offer an Organic Gluten-smart Crust in the medium size. Please note that while we are confident that our Organic Gluten-smart Crust does not contain gluten, the nature of our open-concept kitchens present the possibility of flour cross-contamination. Subsequently, this crust is NOT recommended for celiac disease sufferers or those customers with a moderate to high gluten intolerance or sensitivity. If you’d like to look at our toppings in more detail, check out our allergen chart which lists all of our food products that contains gluten.

Q: What dips or dressings are recommended for a vegan?
A: Italian Tomato dip, Sweet Mustard dip, Sweet Frost Icing dip, Cayenne Hot Sauce dip,  Avocado Cilantro dressing, BBQ dip or Sriracha Ranch dip.

Q: Is there anything special I should do when I place my order?
A: We do suggest that you let us know if you have any food allergies or dietary concerns every time you phone in an order. This allows us to add a note to the person who will be preparing your food, in order to reduce the potential for any cross-contamination. If you order online, these preferences or concerns should be conveyed each time you order. During most business hours when you are ordering online through our website, there is a grey “Chat with Us” button in the bottom right quadrant that you can use to contact our online support and have them add a note for you. Unfortunately, our mobile site does not have the chat feature at this time so it’s best to order by phone or via our full website.

Please be reminded that because our products are prepared in an open-kitchen environment, we cannot guarantee a 100% allergen-free or contact-free environment. While we do take every precaution on our end to avoid this, we do ask people with severe allergies, sensitivities or food concerns to be aware.

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BBQ Sauce / Cheezy Cheddar Sauce / Chipotle Cilantro Sauce / Organic Tomato Sauce / Jalapeño White Sauce / Pesto Sauce / Sweet + Smoky Tropical Sauce / Coconut Curry Sauce / Garlic Spread.


Cheddar Cheese / Feta Cheese / Mozzarella Cheese / Mozzarella + Cheddar Blend Cheese / Parmesan Cheese / Plant-based Cheeze.


Baby Spinach Leaves / Black Olives / Caramelized Onions / Green Olives / Green Peppers / Hot Banana Peppers / Jalapeño Peppers / Kalamata Olives / Pineapple / Red Onions / Red Peppers / Mushrooms / Tomatoes / Sun-dried Tomatoes / Fire-roasted Corn.


Canadian Ham / Capicollo / Steak / Grilled Chicken / Pepperoni / Spicy Italian Sausage / Tex-mex Chicken / Bacon / Beyond Meat® Italian Sausage Crumble.


Organic Gluten-smart Crust.


Gluten-smart Cheezy Bread / Fire-grilled Wings (Deliciously Simple, Hot & Spicy, Honey Garlic, Salt & Pepper).


Italian Garlic / Cheezy Cheddar / Jalapeño Ranch / BBQ / Chipotle Cilantro / Cayenne Hot Sauce / Sweet Frost / Sweet Mustard / Avocado Cilantro / Sriracha Ranch / Classic Caesar / Italian Tomato / Blue Cheese / Balsamic Vinaigrette.


Pop (all flavours) / Water / Bubly (Blackberry & Lime) / Organic Juice (Grapple, Lemonade & Orango).

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