With a name like Pongapalooza, how could we not get involved?!

The 5th Annual Scotiabank Pongapalooza, will be held on Tuesday, May 10th at SPiN, Toronto’s premier ping-pong social club. And it isn’t just a night to bring out your inner Forrest Gump; all proceeds benefit First Book Canada, a national non-profit organization that provides brand-new books to children from low-income families.

The volunteers behind this event work hard to make it happen, and we’re proud to say we’ll be fueling their crew with a #RandomActsOfPizza to get them through the night! The 2015 event raised over $30,000 for First Book Canada, which gave more than 1,000,000 new books to children in need. Ending illiteracy and giving all children access to quality education are the cornerstone missions of the organization and we can definitely get behind that.

Help the thousands of Canadian children who want to experience the pleasures of reading and owning their first book: register or donate today.