Karl’s positive vibes, love for food and trying new things makes him the perfect candidate to put on his creative cap and try our new custom salad options. And hey, the more the merrier, so his kids got to join in on the fun too!

Hey Karl, what do you do/ where do you live/ what makes you tick?

I’m a promotional products sales man who is a devoted father to two loving boys. We live in Waterloo, Ontario. What makes me tick is ensuring I raise two global citizens who care for others and the planet we all live in.

Describe yourself. Three words!

Father. Community Advocate.

What makes you the most proud to be Canadian?

We immigrated to Canada from the Philippines in 1989. Canada has given me so many opportunities. I am proud to be Canadian because as a culture, we are a loving, caring, and respecting group of people.

What’s your life motto?

a. Hard work beats the talented when the talented don’t work hard.

b. Collect moments not things or in hashtag form: #ExperiencesNotStuff

How would you describe your personality (ex spicy, simple)?


What are your kids #myPANAGO creations?

K1’s (Kieran) #myPANAGO is red onions, red peppers, fresh tomatoes, jalopeños, Tex-Mex chicken, formaggio blend and chipotle cilantro dressing.

K2’s (Kaleb) #myPANAGO is red onions, roasted corn medley, red peppers, grilled veggies, formaggio blend, grape tomatoes, black olives and balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

What’s your #myPANAGO?

Same as K1’s! (Joint decision :))

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Your Panago. Your way. #awesome