Future, Innovation, Technology and Creativity – four words that we can get behind! Located in cities such as Amsterdam, Tokyo, San Francisco and Chicago, FITC is a worldwide organization that produces and designs technology focused events to help inspire and educate their attendees.

We’re big fans of FITC, and throughout the year we’ve been supporting their ongoing Spotlight Series in Toronto which focuses on a specific topics relevant to today’s digital creators. Up next in the FITC Spotlight series is a hands-on, full-day event dedicated to AR/VR. There will be special guests and hands on demonstrations of the latest augmented and virtual reality technologies, strategies, and applications being discovered, tested and adopted by companies worldwide. And just in case you were wondering there’ll be a #RandomActsOfPizza lunch to fuel attendees’ minds with fresh pizza.

The event is sold out, but if you’re interested in attending watch our Twitter feed for your chance to win exclusive tickets!