Change never tasted so good.

We’ve made a few tasty tweaks to our ingredient list. Here’s what’s new:


We heart artichokes.

The amazingly delicious (and nutritious!) artichoke is here at last! Try them on our new Goat Cheese & Artichoke Pizza, Tuscan Salad or a creation of your own.


Full-flavored, sun-dried.

It’s time for sun-dried tomatoes to have their day in the sun. These sweet-tart morsels are so irresistible you’ll want to add them to all your pizzas and salads.


Cream of the crop corn.

We’re pretty fired up about our new fire-roasted corn! Find this smokey-sweet kernel of goodness on select items, like our new Taqueria pizzas and salads



If you’re conscious of choices with lower calories or fat, you’ll find many of our meat toppings are extremely lean, including our grilled chicken, grilled steak, capicollo and Canadian ham.


Where’s the ground beef?

You won’t find it on our menu for a little while. If and when we reintroduce it, you can bet it’ll be better than ever. Don’t worry meat lovers – we’ve still got steak!