We Believe In Real Food.

Our recipe is a simple one. We source the highest quality ingredients to create
great tasting pizzas that are better for our health and our environment.


It all starts with our dough. Made fresh in-store from simple ingredients, like 100% Canadian wheat, then rolled to order for that perfect crust. We also offer health conscious choices – including Multigrain crusts made from 40% whole grains, Thin Crust with 30% less carbs than our original recipe, and a special Organic Gluten-smart Crust for our customers who are watching their gluten intake.

Tomato Sauce

Some say the sauce makes the pizza. We tend to agree.
Ours is non-GMO and features organic tomatoes and a blend of organic herbs and spices. Being organic means these ingredients are grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers and soil health is properly maintained. Supporting organic agriculture is one way we can help ensure our food system has a healthy, more sustainable future.


We’re on a journey to offer 100% RWA meat for all our pizza toppings and sides. It starts by supporting farmers committed to raising animals in the right conditions, and without the use of antibiotics. In time, we believe efforts like these will help reduce the impact of agriculture on antibiotic resistance and create a healthier future for us all. Learn more about our quality meats below.

Animal Welfare

Better meat begins with better treatment of animals and that’s why we are actively working with our supply chain to advance the five freedoms of animal welfare and support farmers to do the same. That means living up to international standards set by the Global Animal Partnership to ensure basic animal freedoms are met, like being free from discomfort and distress and freedom of pain and disease. We know this is not a short road, but one we are deeply committed to traveling along with our suppliers. To read more about our Animal Welfare Commitment click here.

Our Beef

We are proud to offer 100% RWA beef that is also free of added hormones. In cattle farming, hormones are often used to bring animals to market size faster. But our beef is the real deal, raised without taking shortcuts. This makes for a great tasting pizza with some extra peace of mind.

RWA Beef:
Sirloin Steak.

Our Pork

The quality of our pork is no exception. Most of our toppings meet the RWA standard and all are raised responsibly without added hormones. So whether your pizza is topped with Canadian Ham or Italian Sausage, you can trust that it will satisfy your cravings and your conscience.

RWA Pork:
Pepperoni, Canadian Ham, Capicollo, Salami, Italian Sausage.
Regular Pork:

Our Chicken

Most of our chicken is certified RWA. So you can indulge guilt-free in a range of great tasting options like the tender toppings on our pizzas and salads. It’s all delicious, high-quality whole meat, raised without antibiotics.

RWA Chicken:
Grilled Chicken and Fire-grilled Wings.

Feel Good
Dairy & Eggs

What’s pizza without cheese? All our delicious cheeses are rennet-free, which means there’s something everyone can enjoy – including mozza, cheddar, feta and goat cheese. Plus, the eggs used in our dips and sauces are 100% cage free. That means the hens can roam and roost within their enclosures and produce quality eggs, free from the stress of confinement.


We could all stand to have more plants in our diets – not only for our health but for the future of our planet. That’s why we’ve introduced a variety of satisfying protein rich foods, such as our Beyond Meat Italian Sausage Crumble, that come straight from the earth, instead of animals. See our list of vegan ingredients.


When it comes to our pizzas, we let the quality of the ingredients speak for themselves. That’s why you’ll never find any artificial colours, flavours or monosodium glutamate (MSG) added to your order. Just real, delicious food that’s easy to pronounce.