We Care About Community.

Helping our communities is at the heart of Panago. So we build strong ties with local organizations and support meaningful programs, big and small.


Nothing is more rewarding than making a difference in our own backyards. We form local, long-term partnerships and focus on four areas we believe to be cornerstones of a strong community – team sports, children’s literacy, volunteerism and fundraising.

Get in touch to learn how we can support your community program.


To us, team sports can play a big part in shaping a young person’s character and values. That’s why we’ve introduced the Panago Good Sport Award – an incentive program that celebrates sportsmanship in thousands of young Canadians each year.

Email us to find out how you can nominate a good sport in your community.


Sparking curiosity and satisfying pizza cravings. Panago does both by supporting literacy programs in schools, libraries and summer reading clubs. The Panago Reading Award Program rewards young learners with free pizza as extra motivation to improve their reading skills.

Contact us to see how we can help give a boost to the young readers in your area.


Panago prides itself on rewarding the unsung heroes in our communities – the teachers, coaches, officials, organizers, soccer parents and other dedicated volunteers. We believe they deserve not only recognition for their efforts but all the support pizza can provide.

Send us an email or stop by your local Panago store for details.