The BC Youth Coding Event is a multi-city event hosted in celebration of the Hour Of Code, a global computer science and digital literacy awareness campaign. During Computer Science Week four major cities in BC (Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna and Prince George) will host a half day tutorial where up to 100 students in each community, between the ages 8 to 18, will get together to learn how to code for free. All that learning will definitely build up an appetite, so we’ll be hooking up all the students and volunteers with fresh pizza and organic juice to get them through the day!

The initiative is supported by the Ministry of Education, the BC Teachers’ Federation and CUEBC (Computer Using Educators of BC) with the intent to give kids a foundation in computer science to succeed in a world that increasingly relies on technology.

But don’t be bummed out if you want to take part in the The Hour of Code if you’re outside BC! This global movement reaches tens of millions of students in over 180 countries world, with 1400 locations across Canada. If you’re interested, click here to find an event near you – happy coding! #CommunityMatters